R308 - Glazing

[B] R308.4 Hazardous locations. The following shall be considered specific hazardous locations for the

purposes of glazing:

From the 2006 IRC.
- 1) includes the glazing in doors, except jalousies
- 2) includes the glazing in fixed and sliding panels sliding glass doors, and sliding and bifold closet doors
- 3) includes the glazing in storm doors to be safety glazing
- 4) includes the glazing in all unframed glass doors
- 5) includes the glazing in doors and enclosures for tubs, showers, etc., and any glazing within 60" of the floor in walls around those items
- 6) includes the glazing adjacent to a door and within 24" of that door and is within 60" of the walking surface - there is no 'plane of the door' in there (thus, my explanation and the exceptions based on not being in 'the plane of the door' are invalid as I was thinking of the 'inclusions', not the 'exclusions')
- 7) includes the glazing in locations for other than 5) and 6) above which meet all those next four requirements
- 8) includes the glazing in railings
- 9) includes the glazing in wall and fences around swimming pools and which is within 60" of the walking surface and are within 60" of the water
- 10) includes glazing adjacent to stairways, etc., which is within 36" horizontally and within 60" above the stair, ramp, etc.
- 11) includes the glazing within 60" horizontally and within 60" vertically of the nose of the bottom tread
(that's all the 'includes' parts)
(these are the 'excluded' parts)
- 1) except for openings in doors smaller than what a 3" sphere can pass through (basically a balled up fist or outstretched open hand is the intent)
- 2) except for decorative glass in Items 1), 6) or 7) above (decorative glass is intended to mean 'glass made of small pieces of glass such as in 'stained glass' panels where the glass is already broken up into small pieces)
- 3) except for where there is some protection between glazing in Item 6 above and the door it is adjacent to
- 4) except for where the glazing is not in the same plane as the door - except for a wall to which the door swings to (this is what you are asking, it is a double negative, an exception to an exception, meaning, yes, the wall the door opens to is 'included')
- 5) except for where protective bars are installed for Items 7 and 10 above
- 6) except for the outboard panels of Item 7 above if they outboard panels are 25 feet or higher above grade
- 7) except for louvered windows and jalousies is 3/16" thick or greater and 48" long or shorter
- 8) except for mirrors and glass panels which are solidly backed
- 9) except for Items 10 and 11 above where the glazing meets the requirements of those two referenced sections of the IBC, the glass is more than 18" from the railing, and there is a protective wall or panel which would protect the panel like a protective bar would
- 10) except for glass block